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Departing from the grounds of Eastnor Castle just outside of London, England the ten remaining teams were directed to the city of Accra in Ghana.  Only one flight a day departed from London to Accra meaning that the teams were on even footing once again.  Upon arriving in Accra, a mad dash for taxi cabs en route to Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park put Brooke and Claire in first place.  

The clue at the memorial park sent the teams to Makola Market, one of the busiest in all of Accra.  There teams encountered a Roadblock which forced the selected teammate to try and sell enough sunglasses to earn fifteen cedi, the Ghanaian currency.  Arriving at the Roadblock first, Brooke put her skills as a Home Shopping Network saleswoman to work and amassed the necessary money very quickly.  On the other hand, Kat and Nick struggled to find buyers and slipped to the bottom of the pack.

Completion of the Roadblock sent teams to Peace Motor Spare Parts in the June Fourth District of Accra for their next challenge, the Detour.  The teams had a choice of Tune In or Check Out.  For Tune In, the teams had to correctly install a television antenna on the roof of a marked house.  Check Out had teams carry novelty coffins from the maker to the show room.  

Brooke and Claire and Chad and Stephanie were the first two teams to the Detour and both selected Tune In.  While Brooke and Claire’s lead allowed them to leave the Detour and hit the Pit Stop first, Katie and Rachel were able to pass Chad and Stephanie by going with Check Out and finished second.  Michael and Kevin were able to pass Chad and Stephanie simply by executing Tune In more efficiently to finish third.

Any remaining drama played out on the drive from the Detour and arriving at the Pit Stop.  Although they left Peace Motor Spare Parts in ninth place, Nat and Kat were able to encourage their taxi cab to drive aggressively, pass other teams and move them into sixth.  Only Connor and Jonathan outrunning them to the pit stop cause them to fall to seventh place.  This left Nick and Vicki in eighth place and Gary and Mallory in ninth.  A bad taxi cab ride from the Roadblock to the Detour doomed Andie and Jenna who finished last and were eliminated. 

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I just kissed an Englishman in a tractor.


I think that if there are no watermelons on this leg, it's us.