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The start of the 10th leg of The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business gave no indication of where the teams were going next.  Departing from the Moos Restaurant in Zermatt, Switzerland, the five remaining teams took a helicopter ride in to the mountains, departing in five minutes intervals.

The destination was high in the Swiss Alps and a Detour awaited the teams when they got there.  Their choice was between using a beacon to locate a dummy buried in the snow (Search) or rescuing a climber trapped in a crevasse (Rescue).  Departing first and third, respectively, Zev and Justin and Gary and Mallory chose Search while the remaining three teams chose Rescue.  

Going with the Search option proved to be costly for Gary and Mallory and Zev and Justin who fell back to fourth and fifth, respectively.  For the best friends, the deficit was made even larger when they failed to make the train back in to Zermatt, Switzerland that the other four teams caught.

Once back in Switzerland the teams made their way to Le Petit Cervin for the Roadblock.  Using traditional Swiss chocolate making methods, the selected teammate had to create a chocolate representation of the Travelocity Roaming Gnome.  Part of the process involved placing the molds in the freezer and drama erupted when one of Flight Time’s molds went missing from the freezer.  Big Easy accused Vyxsin, but the culprit was never determined.

Despite the set back, Flight Time and Big Easy managed to leave the Roadblock in second place, right behind Kent and Vyxsin.  The instructions to get to the Roadblock required teams to travel on foot, but Kent and Vyxsin misread the clue and took a taxi to the Old Swiss Cabin.  

Flight Time and Big Easy and Kisha and Jen still beat Kent and Vyxsin to the Pit Stop, but the dating Goths arrived in third.  However, they were given a thirty minute penalty for taking a taxi cab, enough time for Zev and Justin to make up the deficit they created earlier in the episode and sneak in to first place.  For Kent and Vyxsin, the error meant the end of their run on The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business.

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The Amazing Race Season 18 Episode 10 Quotes

Jen: Rescue some people in the Alps.
Kisha: I'm ready to leave those people there.

Ever since we hit the cold weather we've been running first.