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On the season finale of The Bachelorette, DeAnna Pappas shocked America by choosing Jesse Csincask over Jason Mesnick.

Heartbroken and shell-shocked, Jason headed home alone in his limo as DeAnna finally told Jesse how much she loved him.

Jesse Csincask got down on one knee and asked DeAnna if she would spend forever with him and she happily accepted.

Afterwards, Jason had the chance to confront DeAnna and the happy couple went public for the first time since The Bachelorette ended.

Jason is brought out first to sit with host Chris Harrison. After watching highlights of his time on the show, Jason Mesnick admits that it was tough to watch and tough to accept that DeAnna rejected him.

He said that he was, without a doubt, in love with her and thought she was everything that he was looking for.

As tough as it was to admit, Jason told Chris that he still had feelings for DeAnna and called her "one in a million."

Just when things got tough, Chris made it worse by bringing DeAnna out on stage so that Jason could face her and get some answers.

When she came out, she immediately broke down and apologized for making him feel the way Brad made her feel last season on The Bachelor.

DeAnna says that she didn't make up her mind about Jesse until the morning of the final rose ceremony. She also admitted that what she wanted changed during the course of the show - that she had everything figured out until she met Jesse.

DeAnna Pappas delivers the harsh news to Jason that she was never in love with him. Jason, though, takes it well and calls Jesse a great guy.

The Bachelor's Matt Grant and Shayne Lamas then came out on stage to update fans about their relationship. Watching the proposal again brought tears to her eyes and the two seem as happy as ever.

Bottom line: They're still in love and they're still engaged.

DeAnna and Jesse Csincask then reunite for the first time in public since the show finished taping. Chris tells them that he's going to hose them down because they can't stop touching each other.

They've even set their date: May 9, 2009.

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