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The Bachelorette cut straight to the rumors with Chris Harrison revealing to Ali Fedotowsky that Justin, a.k.a. "Rated-R," has not one, but two girlfriends back home.

Chris and Ali placed a call from Turkey to Jessie, Ali's friend, in Toronto, Canada, and she explained that Justin, whose girlfriend she had befriended, was no good.

"One of the guys there has a girlfriend, and that's Justin," Jessie said. "How do you know this?" Ali asked. "Cause I'm sitting with his girlfriend right now," Jessie said.

"Her name is Jessica."

Then she handed the phone to Justin's girlfriend for a tearful rendition of how they collaborated to get Justin on the show to benefit his wrestling career.

Jessica also found out that Ali wasn't the only one getting conned. Jessica is outing Rego because she herself is being cheated on ... dude's got another piece on the side!

Ali seemed stunned, but relieved. Then she turned angry. She stormed off for a dramatic confrontation to toss him from the show.

Roses: Chris L., Frank, Ty, Roberto and Kirk.

Out: Justin and Craig.

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