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In part two of the premiere, Cesare gives Micheletto the assassin a new plan.  He is to get close with Cardinal Della Rovere so that Cesare can take him down.  Della Rovere plans to take Rodrigo out of his Papacy.

Rodrigo meets with Giulia Farnese, who confesses to having an abortion with her awful husband.  The Pope allows her to stay in the palace recently vacated by Cardinal Orsini.  The two of them then had sexual relations.

Della Rovere then tried to use that as a way to get Rodrigo ousted as Pope, but the Pope and Cesare were one step ahead of him.  Cesare got Micheletto to silence the servant that witnessed the sexual transgression, by murdering her.

The Borgias
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The Borgias Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Am I Cardinal already?


Pope Alexander: The others bought and sold. We merely proved ourselves better at the game, but we draw the line at murder. Do we not?
Cesare: Orsini drew no such line.