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Cesare's nun lover is murdered by some French men.


The Duke of Milan and the Duke of Mantua come to town ready to fight the French for Rodrigo.  They all head out to do it, but Cesare creates a gang of "stray dogs" to do some dirty work on the French underground.  Just before the battle starts, Cesare and his men take out the French and all of their fire power.  The Duke is so grateful to the Romans that he says he will give all he earned in the battle to the church.


Rodrigo leaves Lucrezia in the chair of St. Peter in his absence, and she quickly convinces the other cardinals to get water to the poor people of Rome.

The Borgias
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The Borgias Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Cesare: You have bad news?
Micheletto: Is there any other kind, your eminence?

She chose God, Micheletto, and God repaid her with mutilation.