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Who stole the list? That's the question on Riley's mind this week.

Riley watches her wedding video and records a goodbye video to her kids.

Riley gets her accounts in order.

Kyle catches Riley smoking.

Riley runs into Evan while on a run and learns the task force is onto something big.

The task force is onto Carlyle. 

Riley tells Georgia the client list is missing and she thinks Carlyle is responsible.

Lacey and Dale meet a birth mother who wants to give them her baby.

Evan comes to The Rub to take Nikki in for questioning about Carlyle.

The pregnant girl's boyfriend shows up to talk her out of giving up the baby.

Evan tells Riley about Nikki.

Kyle thinks he's getting a job coaching with his old coach, but he's offered a maintenance position.

Nikki didn't give Carlyle the list, but he took it from her.

Shelby is asked to watch Evan for internal affairs.

Derek gives Selena his house key.

Dale and Lacey get their baby. 

Riley tries many angles to fix her problem - unsuccessfully.

Kyle confronts Riley about the trouble she's in.


The Client List
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The Client List Season 2 Episode 14 Quotes

Georgia: You're not smilin' and you're not askin' for a drink. Somethin' must be wrong.
Riley: It's bad, Georgia. It's real bad. The client list is gone.
Georgia: I'm sorry. Did I hear you right?

Look, if somethin' happens to me, help Kyle take care of the kids.