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Sean and Leila try to  get a word out of the man following them, but he wont say anything so Sean injects him with the liquid they found in his bag. He runs away and when they catch up to him he had aged over twenty years.

The attacker tells them to take him to Willow Brooke. Leila and Sean get there and it’s a working functioning psych hospital. Leila gets them in by pretending to be a patient’s niece. Sean goes to find Samantha while Leila talks to her fake Aunt.  

The guard stops Sean and Leila out of the facility, but one of the patient tell them that he hears little girls in the floors.  Leila knows that her sister is in that facility.

The President meets with the VP to find out who he was working for. Ray pretends to have amnesia, but then gets real with him and tells him that if he’s going down, he’ll take Martinez down with him.  Martinez leaves angry.

They get back to the white house on an urgent code red.  They start to question the Mount and the whereabouts of large weapons.

Meanwhile, Sophia, Thomas, Lee, and Isabelle are sitting around drinking tea. They start to talk business on getting back home. Thomas and Isabelle leave.  Sophia tells Lee that she knows Thomas is lying about having secrete accounts.  While Thomas tells Isabelle that they have to move quickly because they ran out of time.

Lee calls Sophia and tells them that someone got to the banker before he did.  Lee knows that it’s Thomas and Sophia realizes how important it is for them to get in contact with him.

The President and Blake realize that the sleepers are the ones in charge of the missiles.

Sean and Leila sneak back into the facility at night. They find an elevator and are able to get down to the basement where everything has been cleared out. They found a room where Samantha left Leila’s name on the wall.  

Thomas tells the facility to launch the missile knowing that millions of people will be destroyed in the process.  Everyone watches to see what happens. The missile really isn’t a missile, but a satellite sending messages outward.

Sean finds a clue in the rumble that Paul doesn’t age.  Leila is not having that as a answer to where her sister is. They keep looking and Sean finds a record on Michael. In it are a bunch of pictures of Michael not aging.

The Event
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The Event Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Leila: Sean, why would he be after me?
Sean: I don't know who you are or who sent you, but your going to tell us what's going on or so help me I'll shoot you in the head.

Martinez: Lets get on with this, first I want the name.
Raymond: I'm sorry, but who are you talking about?