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Sean is running into a motel to help the FBI agent that is wounded.  Two hours before he is in the car with her and the other officer. He wants them to go see where the plane crashed, but they wont go.  Just as they are about to turn around, their car gets crashed by an oncoming RV.

Sean is able to save the woman before the car explodes.  Back at the hotel, Agent Collier is reluctant to help Sean find Vicky and when she thinks Sean is not watching calls in her location to get help.

The President goes to the site where all the dead bodies are found. Blake tries to convince the President to use torture to get answers.  Instead he meets with Sophia and tells her that he will offer a plea bargain with the inmates that whoever supplies information about their people, he will grant them freedom.

William, one of the inmates, agrees to tell the President everything in condition to him getting money and having his girlfriend escape.  Agent Lee gets wind that William will be telling the government everything and he goes to speak to Sophia. She tells him that he has to take care of the situation before it gets out of hand.

Before William can tell them anything his girlfriend comes in and kills him.

When the cops come busting into the motel, Sean escaped and hid inside her coworkers car to get to the headquarters so that he could find out who Vicky really is. Agent Collier realizes that Sean is in the building. When they capture Sean, Vicky’s identity is pulled up with over six different Ids.  Sean begs for the Agent to help him find his girlfriend before he is dragged away.

Blake gets wind of Sean and sends people to kill him. Agent Collier finds it suspicious so she calls in about the Marshalls which sends them into a gun blazing shoot out. Collier realizes that Sean may not be as loony as he first seemed.

Leila is taken as a prisoner back to a warehouse by Vicky.  On their way there, she gets pulled over by an officer who she kills because he asks to many questions.

Inside the temporary morgue where they are keeping the bodies a young girl wakes up. Just as she wakes up another man sits up. Eventually everyone starts waking up.

The Event
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The Event Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Let me ask you a question. Who investigates the investigator?

Vice President

Just please find my girlfriend, I'm afraid they're going to kill her.