Watch The Following Season 3 Episode 13 online to watch Ryan and Max go rogue in order to trade Penny for Mike, but will they be successful?

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Watch The Following Season 3 Episode 13 online now and watch as Ryan and Max go out on their own to save Mike from Theo's grasp. Will they succeed? How will Max react when she discovers Ryan is breaking so many rules?
Mark and Theo are at odds with each other over Mike as Theo needs him alive and Mark wants him dead. Mike tries to use the rift to get Daisy on his side, but will it work? Who is she more afraid of, Mark or Theo?
Ryan and Gwen finally have the conversation we've been waiting for, but will it be enough to get Ryan back on the wagon? Watch The Following Season 3 Episode 13 online to find out!

Episode Details

Mike lands in danger and Ryan faces a decision that could impact hs future.

The Following
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The Following Season 3 Episode 13 Quotes

Theo: What the hell is this?
Mark: You said to kill the caretaker.
Theo: I said find him, not kill him.
Mark: Killing's what I do.

Max: Is that Theo's sister?
Ryan: Yes.
Max: You kidnapped her?
Ryan: Max-
Max: Have you been torturing her? Have you lost your mind?