Watch The Following Season 3 Episode 2 online to watch as Ryan and his team race to save one of their own from Mark and his followers before it's too late.

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Watch The Following Season 3 Episode 2 online now! The episode is full of action and drama as the team tries to save one of their own who has been kidnapped. Will they be successful or will they arrive too late?
You'll also learn how Ryan and his new girlfriend Gwen met, and it's pretty cute! Ryan is finally opening up to someone instead of pushing everyone away.
There are some interesting twists you probably won't see coming, and our first connection to Joe Carroll. We also meet new followers and get more insight into Kyle and Daisy. If you're a fan, you'll want to watch The Following Season 3 Episode 2 online now!

Episode Details

On The Following Season 3 Episode 2, Ryan and the FBI have connected Andrew and Mark but they are still at a loss of how to tie things back to Joe Carroll.

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The Following
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The Following Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

Andrew: May I offer you a little advice?
Ryan: Yeah well, you're kinda sitting on the wrong end of the table for it to hold much weight, but go ahead, knock yourself out.
Andrew: Confess while there's still time.
Mike: My conscience is clean.
Andrew: Clean or not, until you tell the world what you did, innocent people will keep dying and their blood will be on your hands.

Ryan: He's delusional. He can't cope with the fact that his own killing spree led to the death of his family.
Mike: Can't believe anything that psycho says anyway.