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Grace tells Brandon that her treatment is working. They head to Hollywood so Brandon can meet the school he's trying to attend. They spend the perfect day taking selfies, visiting the walk of fame, and sleeping together. She echos what Stef told him about taking care of himself. When he drops her off at her mother's house, she finally tells him that the treatment isn't working and that she's dying. She makes him promise to let her go. Stef is dropped off so that she can ride back home with him as he processes the news. Brandon goes back to visit Grace. She makes her mom her proxy. He's called back before his graduation. She makes him promise to go to Coachella without her. She dies, and he sings to her while her parents cry. He goes to Coachella without her and dreams about performing with her. Callie finds him because they're about to miss graduation. She comforts him and they make it there on time. Callie wants to tell Aaron she has feelings for him. Mariana convinces her to. She does but Aaron tells her that he's going to stick with Amanda. Callie convinces the professor and Aaron's study group to represent Ximena parents. She tries to get the ICE agent to testify for her. They serve him a subpoena. His boss comes to see Callie. They would rather give Callie what she wants to shut her up, so ximena gets her DACA renewed and her parents won't be deported as long as they stay out of trouble. Callie tried to get into the law program. It's full and the professor tells her that she will have to wait a year. He apparently goes to bat for her because she gets into the program and finds out at graduation. Stef and Lena go on the couple's retreat. Stef is annoyed that it's meant for straight couples. She's not open to the process and Lena is frustrated. While on her own she talks to her dead father and learns to forgive him and accept herself. She comes back and opens up to Lena. They can finally be intimate again. Mariana is competing with Emma. When Emma is struggling, she eventually helps her. Emma gets in but Mariana doesn't. The family including Gabe help Jesus build his treehouse so he can earn the credits he needs to graduate on time. Stef makes a truce with Detective Grey. She's wearing a wire. He's turned in. Jude and Noah argue about Jude's new attitude. Jude realizes after Declan is rude to a fan that Declan is awful. Jude paints his nails blue and Lena talks to him about overcoming mistakes. Noah and Jude make up. Lena speaks at graduation. It's a montage of all the kids graduating over the years and all the family and friends over the years supporting them. Finally it's Jude's. About 4 years later. Back at the house, Mariana spills the beans that Brandon is engaged to his girlfriend Eliza. Mariana is in engineering and she and Mat are dating. Callie has a year left or law school and on her way to practicing law. Stef and Lena get a phonecall. Their social worker tells them that there is a kid who needs placement and Lena asks if they should do it
The Fosters
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The Fosters Season 5 Episode 19 Quotes

Stef: I got this B. It's not your job to take care of me.
Brandon: I don't think it's my job to take care of you.
Stef: Maybe not anymore, but you did when you were little.

ICE has been getting away with a lot these days.