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In season 2 episode 1 of The Goldbergs, we go back to Jenkintown, Pennsylvania with the crazy family!

--Erica helps Barry get a fake ID, his new name is now Carlos Del Monaco! Unfortunately, his ID gets taken away by his coach after he waves it around at school. To make matters worse, he had already promised the senior guys that he would get beer for their party.

--Adam makes a mix tape for Dana but his mom finds the tape and immediately believes it is for her. Poor Adam has to figure out how to save both relationships. Thankfully his mom forgives him and helps him out by orchestrating a grand gesture of apology to Dana in the form of a light show.

--Murray tells both Erica and Barry that he will always let them make their own mistake and won't be there to bail them out. Murray goes back on his word when he sees Barry is about to be completely humiliated in front of the senior class and bails his kid out by trying to make it seem as though Barry did get alcohol for the party.

--Pops is there throughout the episode trying to give his logical advice to Bev but Bev does the exact opposite of what pops is telling her and puts herself right in the middle of Adam/Dana's relationship. 


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My mom thought it was for her because she is a freaking lunatic!


I have a pornographic memory"