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The Good Wife threw a lot at viewers this week. But we enjoyed every second of it.

Alicia herself was involved in two cases: first, she was used by the firm's divorce attorney to be a positive, strong influence on a client - who turned out to be the wife of Glenn Childs. She wanted a divorce and she wanted it on her terms because of what she knew.

In order to try and get Alicia to talk his wife out of it, Childs placed Peter in general population. He also mentioned the DVDs and packages he had been dropping off at her apartment (and which her kids had stolen, unbeknownst to Alicia), but this didn't faze either Florrick at all.

By the end of the episode, Mrs. Childs was set to sign a divorce agreement that came with a confidentiality agreement, but first she told Alicia that her husband had wiretapped the Florrick phones.

The other case involved the issue of free speech and of a missing child. A Glenn Beck-like talk show host named Duke Roscoe had ranted on about how a mother had killed her missing daughter. As a result, the mother killed herself and the husband/father sued the network for helping to drive his wife to this deed. Roscoe was as obnoxious as you could imagine in court, but the judge just couldn't allow the jury to find him guitly of anything.

Free speech can be a bitch sometimes, can't it?

Fortunately, the trial did lead to the recovery of the girl. Her picture was plastered on the news as a result of it and the Scranton PA police were able to track her down. So Roscoe may have gotten off the hook, but the guy at least got his daughter back.

To close the episode, Roscoe said it would unveil secrets about the law firm on the air. The final supposed secret? That Diane was a lesbian. In a great moment, we saw her watching his program and laughing hysterically at the accusation.

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