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The case of the week involved a star high school quarterback overdosing on pain pills that he stole from his mom.

Alicia was hired to represent the doctor initially thought to have supplied the high schooler with the medication, but some undercover work - which went a bit too easily compared to how we'd imagine actual gym drug deals go - by Cary led to the truth: a random guy at the gym sold to the mother, who wasn't aware her troubled, stressed out son was stealing them.

In other storyline news: Jackie suffered a stroke, which helped convince Alicia she needed to hire part-time help. But the nany she brought it was oddly nosy. It was hard to tell if she thought she was being helpful, or was almost purposely crossing the line, when she talked to the kids about sex.

This chat was initiated by two things: Zach getting some from his older crush; and the nanny's discovery of the pictures of Peter and his hookers on Zach's computer. When Alicia fired her, the nanny's final words were about those photos... which Alicia is still in the dark about.

Also, Childs asked Kalinda to work with him in discrediting Peter. He didn't offer Kalinda any money, but he did say he'd keep quiet about the supposedly shady dealing she was involved with when she was an investigator for the state's attorney office. Interesting.

Meanwhile, Peter ALSO hired Kalinda to get her hands on the phone taps Childs had placed on his home phones. He wants to hear them to see what's on there before filing for their discovery in court. Kalinda agreed and we saw her playing both sides in the end.

But she's really on Peter's side... right? No way she'll end up actually working for Childs... right???

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The Good Wife Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

I always liked you.

Kalinda [to Peter]

Alicia: I wanted his problems out of the office. What does that say about me?
Kalinda: It says you're becoming a lawyer.