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The Good Wife didn't waste any time delving into its main premise: the series kicks off with Peter Florrick (Chris Noth) at the microphone. The state attorney is admitting to reporters that he slept with prostitutes, though the event is filmed through the eyes of his wife, Alicia.

Backstage, immediately afterwards, she slaps her husband, settles herself down and walks away. We're then taken to six months later...

Alicia is back at her former job, as a defense attorney. She's working for a major Chicago law firm and his handed a pro bono case that involves a woman accused of killing her husband. The original case was tried by Diane, a top lawyer at the firm, but it ended in a deadlocked jury. Diane tells Alicia to follow her same defense, deadlock the jury again and everyone will be happy.

Clearly overwhelmed at the outset, Alicia is helped by the firm's investigator on the case, Kalinda. She uses her sex appeal to get information when need be and teams with Alicia to poke holes in the supposed evidence that has their client facing a murder charge.

Eventually, Alicia gains confidence and comes across proof that her client is innocent. It involves the discovery of a false security tape, one that Diane never realized. As a result, Alicia gets her client off, and even gets promoted to second chair on the firm's big case. Her main supporter at the company is Will, a former law school friend and current partner. There's definitely chemistry between this pair.

As for her personal life: Alicia is constantly dealing with talk that she's Peter's wife, but she remains restrained. He's in jail, but tells her that an appellate court may overturn the charge of abuse of office. When he gets out, everything will go back to normal. Oh, no, she responses: nothing will ever be normal again.

Alicia appears to have a good relationship with her two kids, one boy and one girl. She is also helped at home by Peter's mom, Jackie. The episode concludes with a voicemail from Peter: the court will, indeed, hear his appeal. He's confident that he'll be released. What will this mean for Alicia's new life?

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The Good Wife Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Alicia Florrick: The last time I was in Court it was 13 years ago.
Kalinda Sharma: Wow, I was twelve!
Alicia Florrick: Thanks.

Jackie Florrick: He needs you to forgive him, Alicia.
Alicia Florrick: He took everything I thought we had and he just put it out there.
Jackie Florrick: He didn't want that. The press...
Alicia Florrick: Oh, Jackie, stop it! Peter wasn't thinking of us.