A Tough Assignment - The Handmaid's Tale
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Serena Joy shares the ultrasound with June.

When Offred gets home, Serena Joy asks Rita to make her a smoothie, but June won't take it. She will take soup, though. Serena Joy is calling Martha Rita.

June tells Nick they can't keep sneaking around. He says he thinks about the three of them and what they could be all the time. She wants him to stop and he says sure.

Aunt Lydia meets with the Commander to say he has been blessed with a particularly willful pair with his wife and handmaid. He's making the Rachel and Leah center, a new processing center for processing women. Yay.

Nick's new wife is trying to please him. I already forgot her name. She's unmemorable. Nick doesn't want to have sex with her nor does he want to smoke inside his house.

June is sleeping on the couch in Serena Joy's room where she knits and stuff. She thinks she can manage, but Serena Joy worries that she might need something.

It's getting more difficult for June to get comfortable, and Serena Joy asks about being pregnant. She feels the baby and goes back to the day she delivers a speech to a bunch of angry people at a university. The cover of a book called, A Woman's Place is on a stand beside her.

They call her a Nazi cunt among other things, and start throwing things at her. She never gets the opportunity to speak.

June gets thirsty and heads into the kitchen where Fred is eating.

Nick's new wife goes to June. She thinks Nick hates her and thinks she's ugly. June says to give it some time. The wife says they can't wait. It's their duty to God.

Serena Joy tries to surprise Offred with a surprise lunch while she recovers. Except she doesn't know they all hate her now.

The handmaids are afraid to start talking, and June starts talking about a place she used to love to go for brunch. Serena Joy is the person who knows the name of it. Magnolias. She says maybe they were there at the same time. Serendipity.

Serena Joy takes the time to go to the greenhouse to do some gardening. She pots some plants in individual little homes.

Serena Joy recalls that same day at the university that ended with her speaking in a crowd about what was happening in the US and getting shot in her lower abdomen before reaching the safety of the car.

After the brunch, Serena Joy takes June to the nursery. She has tears in her eyes. She tells June she'll be the best mother she can be to her child. June shares a memory about Hannah and pointing out the stars to her on the ceiling, a glow in the dark sky since Luke knew so much about them. If she could see Hannah, it would make her feel so much better.

But Serena Joy says no, and tells June to get her things from downstairs because it's time to go back to her room. They're getting too close.

June tells Nick he has to fuck Eden because she's going to report him. Nick says she's 15-years-old and he can't. Oh, you have to fuck someone you don't want to? Poor you.

When June gets to her room, she sees it's decorated with lovely furniture and a flowered coverlet.

Nick prepares to screw a little girl.

Nick does nothing to make it easy for Eden or comfortable. There is no kissing. He's merely doing his duty. He asks if she's OK when he's done, and she says yes, she can't wait to see if it worked. If not, they'll just keep trying.

Fred visits Serena Joy in the greenhouse. She wants to be left alone. Serena Joy is angry June wanted to see her child from before. She really thought they could be ... she cuts herself with her gardening shears. Fred said he prayed every day to make him worthy of his wife.

In the hospital, they were righting a speech about a terrorist shutting them down. Fred wants her to put her faith in God, which she has, but not faith in the police. She wants Fred to be a man. He kills her shooter's wife.

Fred tries to keep the peace by delivering to June a photo of Hannah. June leads on Fred to keep the information coming. But they cannot have sex for worry over the baby's health.

It's time to open the Rachel and Leah center.

Nick asks Commander Price to reassign him. He says if he is reassigned and the handmaid protected, he will spill a lot about Commander Waterford.

Serena Joy turned on a dime. Now she's tossing knitting needles onto the floor and making June get them. She's also going to make Eden do it so Offred will pick items up for her as well.

June says she feels a cramp and doesn't want to hurt the baby and walks away.

Wow. There are so many handmaids all standing outside the glass. It's freaky. One handmaid walks inside the room and into the room with the men. He says, it's not time yet. Tell her to go back. But she had a trigger in her hand. It all goes BOOM

The Handmaid's Tale
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The Handmaid's Tale Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

What about Mrs. Blaine? What is her bedtime, anyway?


Doctor: Oh look, Mrs. Waterford, your baby is moving around in there. [chuckles]
Serena Joy: Offred, would you like to see? [opens the divider]
June: [whispers] Hello.

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