June and the other handmaids - The Handmaid's Tale Season 4 Episode 1
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An injured June and the other fugitive handmaids seek refuge at a farm on the Keyes property, where the fugitive handmaids pretend to be Marthas.

June takes two weeks to recover from her injuries and once better she meets Esther Keyes, a 14-year-old wife who is hellbent on burning Gilead to the ground.

June and Esther fight over June's inaction, and Esther later forces Janine to eat pork.

June goes off on Esther, and Esther reveals she too has been brutalized, having been raped by guardians, eyes, and other men.

Later, one of the men who raped Esther shows up on the Keyes property, and June gives Esther the blade to kill him.

June goes to lie down and a bloodied Esther cuddles with her afterward.

Up in Canada, Fred and Serena learn 86 children and nine Marthas have arrived from Gilead and that June is the one responsible for it.

Aunt Lydia is interviewed by the Commanders' council and later cleared of all charges.

Commander Lawrence is set to die for his crimes, but Nick is able to convince the council to keep Lawrence alive for his insight.

The Handmaid's Tale
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The Handmaid's Tale Season 4 Episode 1 Quotes

You’re the one I’ve been waiting for. You got those children out. He sent me dreams of you. We were killing people together. It was the most wonderful dreams. Just rest. Get better.


Mark: This morning a plane left Gilead and landed at Pearson. There were nine Marthas on board.
Fred: Apostates. Gilead is well rid of them, I’m sure.
Mark: There were also 86 children.
Serena: I’m sorry, did you say 86 children?
Mark: Yes. We don’t have much more information right now. All we know is they’re here in Toronto, and that they’re safe.
Serena: Their poor families.
Mark: They’re being reunited with their families as we speak.
Fred: This will start a war.
Mark: We’re planning to everything we can to avoid that, but right now our priority is the wellbeing of the children.
Fred: Then you’ll return them home as quickly as possible.
Mark: I’d like nothing better, but there homes are gone. You destroyed them.