Alec Mercer Arrives - The Irrational
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Dr. Mercer recounts a psychological phenomenon of irrationality in people.

Dr. Mercer is called to help in a hostage situation where a man holds a child and their mother hostage. Dr. Mercer shows the man how stupid his demands are because he didn't think everything through.

The detective in charge of the case is Dr. Mercer's ex-wife.

Dr. Mercer lectures a new class and tells them how he sustained severe burns on his body and was in hospital for three years.

He meets his old research assistant, who introduces a new member of the team, Rizwan.

The mayor calls Mercer and asks for help in a case where she wants a favor. The accused is a decorated soldier who killed his ex-girlfriend.

Dr. Mercer joins in the interview and periodically interjects to get clarification on some answers.

After listening to Dylan's story, Mercer is convinced Dylan is innocent of the murder.

Mercer joins the FBI at the crime scene and learns more about the victim. He talks to the detective about the fallibility of human memory.

Mercer learns that the guy responsible for his burns is up for parole.

Mercer conducts an experiment where he convinces some students that they did something wrong even when they didn't.

Dr. Mercer visits an AA meeting Jasmine used to go to. He talks to some people.

The police find another suspect.

Dr. Mercer thinks the killer might be someone in AA with a 5-year sobriety chip.

He and Rizwan go to the AA meeting again and tell the real story of how he got the burns. Someone had blown up a church, and everyone died except Mercer.

He admits he can never remember much about the day of the bombing.

Mercer thinks Ray from the meeting is the killer.

Mercer confronts Ray, who pulls a gun on Mercer and holds Mercer hostage, forcing him to drive. During the drive, Mercer pieces the story together of Jasmine's murder while Ray fills in.

Dylan visits Mercer to thank him for giving him back his freedom.

Mercer sits through Bennet's parole hearing. While Bennet is pleading his case, someone shows themselves to him, and he walks back his desire to be paroled.

Mercer and Marissa run after the stranger, but they miss them.


The Irrational
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The Irrational Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

People are irrational. But predictably so. They're more afraid of flying than driving, and the fact is, driving is much more dangerous. We know we should eat healthy food, but then we give in to temptation. Buy things we will never, ever use. We assume people are making rational decisions, weighing the pros and cons. For most of the time, we're not. Instead, we rely on instincts, which are almost always wrong. Sometimes, dangerously wrong. One error in judgment leads to another.


Marisa: That ability you have to completely divorce emotion from reason is both why I married you and...
Mercer: ... why you're longer married to me.