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Linden calls the police about the 17 body bags filled with young teen girls, killed in similar fashion to a recent murder and past ones as well.

Linden returns to duty as a detective.

Holder and Reddick try and find the missing Kallie.

Holder runs into Bullet who puts him on the trail of her rapist, Goldie, thinking that perhaps he has Kallie.

Instead, they discover a large stash of kiddy porn including one DVD containing Kallie. Goldie claims the videos aren't his and calls his lawyer.

Bullet is worried people will think she's a snitch. She goes with Twitch, Lyric, and another girl to the crime scene of the 17 bodies.

Linden tries to speak with Ray Seward's son about the drawings and why he added the factories. The boy says he wants to see his father.

Seward takes a razor blade hidden inside a soap bar with him. Another inmate recognizes Seward still cares about his son. Seward cuts himself with the razor blade where the tattoo of his son's name was.

The Killing
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The Killing Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

I saw her driving off with some Eminem wannabee with a molester 'stache.

Street girl

It's a crime scene. I called the cops.