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When Taco steals the domain name from the Dallas Cowboys website, the gang gets to go to Dallas Cowboys training camp with him while he negotiates its sale back to the owner (played by real-life Cowboys owner Jerry Jones). Once everyone returns home, nothing can stop the fantasy draft--not even Jenny giving birth to the baby she and Kevin conceived at the end of season three.

The League
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The League Season 4 Episode 1 Quotes

Taco: I want to be able to post whatever I want on DallasCowboys.com.
Jerry Jones: Post what?
Taco: Musings, pictures of shoes I like, drawings of historical figures interacting with food in unusual ways, portraits of people I know drawn from memory, sex photos.
Jerry Jones: No.

Kevin: Well, Taco is rich.
Andre: Rich to Taco is like having twenty bucks and a can of Four Loko.