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On The McCarthys, Season 1 Episode 2, we are introduced to Ronnie's new boyfriend, Ben. After just two dates Ben invites Ronnie over his parents house to meet his family. 

Unlike Ronnie's family, Ben's sits around the dinner table complimenting each other and verbalizing their love for each other. It opened Ronnie's eyes to another way of life, one he never experienced in his family. The McCarthys are not "I love you" people, instead taking quick jabs at the other. Though it is clear they care for each other, they express it quite differently than Ben's family. 

In an attempt to impress Ben, Ronnie pretends his family is just as affectionate, and plans a surprise 35th anniversary party for his parents. 

As part of the party, Ronnie puts together a video of his parents talking about their relationship, their wedding day and what they love about each other. Both Marjorie and Arthur have a hard time coming up with nice things to say about the other, so Ronnie asks instead about The Good Wife and The Red Sox, and gets the heartfelt, emotional responses he was looking for. 

After he shows the video, and his parents tell everyone at the party they weren't talking about each other, Ronnie tells Ben that his family is not as affectionate. He inadvertently tells Ben he loves him, after going around and saying the same to his family members. Ben quickly jumps up and says that he loves Ronnie too, and Ronnie follows it up with, "to you and yours". 

The episode wraps up with a cute moment between Marjorie and Arthur, showing just how much they do care about each other. 

In the final scene, the McCarthys are sitting in their living room going around telling each person that they love them. When it gets to Marjorie, she can't help but crack up and has to chug her beer.

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The McCarthys Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

The only reason a man buys flowers is because he's cheating.


You got other plans, Mr. Other Plans?

Gerard (to Ronnie)