The Grand Reveal - The Mole
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The episode picks up during the last day of the competition. The players enjoy some physical activities in Sydney, Australia, as they talk about their strategies and the game at hand.

Alex Wagner reveals there is one final mission to compete in; the players will have to dress in suits to mimic the spy vibe.

Joi, Kesi, and Will discuss their suspicions of each other and the moments they feel were the biggest sabotages. They have champagne in the car to celebrate being in the Top 3.

Via a tablet, Alex Wagner reveals the players are being brought to an abandoned fort. The players must work together to steal three canisters from three heavily guarded areas in the fort. Drones will be flying around and monitoring the space; if the drones pick up on someone for three seconds, the mission will be over. The players have 30 minutes to complete the mission.

The drones continue to fly around the base; the players try to maneuver around the cameras.

At the first zone (the Red zone), the canister is suspended over a chain web. Two of the players have to unhook the canister and carry it to their side. If the canister falls through the chain web, it will self-destruct.

Joi and Will decide to be the two people with the sticks. In confessional, Will says that he wants to look suspicious so that Kesi and Joi think he's The Mole. He wants to get one canister but not all three.

They unhook one of the canisters, but Joi shakes the sticks and drops the canister. The canister falls and self-destructs.

The group makes it to the White Zone. A player has to walk along the pipes with suction cups; if someone falls onto the group, the sensors will trigger the alarm, and they will lose the canister. Kesi decides to walk along the pipes.

Kesi tries to transition to another pipe, but she slips and falls to the ground. The group loses the canister. Will is suspicious of Kesi for failing so quickly and needing the suction cups to travel.

The players make it to the Blue Zone. The floor is covered with landmines; a player has to run in and throw a canister out of an open window before the bombs blow in five seconds. Kesi wants to do it since she believes she's a fast runner. Will decides to run for it.

Will grabs the canister and throws it to Kesi. She successfully catches the canister.

The group successfully evades a drone and escapes the facility in the nick of time. The group post is now $101,5000.

All of the eliminated players were invited back to the game to find out who won and who is The Mole.

The eliminated players discuss who could be The Mole. Many think Kesi could be The Mole; Jacob thinks it's Will, and Casy thinks it's Joi.

Alex Wagner brings the Final 3 to their final dinner before taking the quiz. Joi thinks she figured out the identity of The Mole on the first day. Both Will and Kesi are confident with their choices; Kesi revealed she has been playing a calculated game to get there.

The players take the quiz. Some of the questions include: At the bomb lunch, was The Mole voted out? Where was The Mole at the start of the pigeon mission? Who is The Mole? How tall is The Mole? Was The Mole in the surveillance room during the bank heist?

Alex Wagner that each of the Final 3 chose a different person as The Mole during the quiz. Will chose Kesi, Kesi chose Joi, and Joi chose Will. The spotlight will reveal the winner.

The Mole is Kesi. Will is revealed as the winner.

Alex Wagner brings the group together to chat about the game. Most of the group is surprised that Kesi was The Mole.

Alex Wagner unveils footage of Kesi sabotaging the missions. During mission #1, she didn't want to sabotage right away. Her goal during the prison mission was to slow everyone down; she knew how to get out and saw the key immediately.

Her goal during the bank heist was to give the team as little information as possible. She read out every other name in the book except for the winning names. She knew Will was getting suspicious of her.

She purposely let the mailbag drop during the train mission. During the chain mission, she purposely took the exemption to get Will off her scent. During the snowy mission, she blatantly sabotaged to lose as much money as possible. And during the fortress mission, she fell purposely to lose the second canister.

The players celebrate the journey. Kesi loved being The Mole.

The Mole
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The Mole Season 6 Episode 10 Quotes

[In confessional] I am absolutely determined to get at least one canister. But I am absolutely determined to not get all three.


[In confessional] I know Kesi is better than that. She didn’t need the suction cup to make it across that pole. She intentionally shorted it.