The New Pope?
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Sofia does a little show for the Franciscan monks watching her in the garden. Then she gets bored.

A nun is praying.

There is suspicion about the Vatican's involvement in Francis' death and Lenny's illness. Everyone wants to know who the new pope will be.

Sofia gets on her knees in front of a naked guy who masturbates.It's Tomas Altbruck.

Voiello is on a train with other cardinals and Sofia. They're on their way to see Brannox.

They arrive at Brannox's estate and announce themselves.Brannox is sleeping so they have to spend the night there and talk to him in the morning.

Guiterrez and another cardinal are flirty with each other but don't do anything.

Lenny is making an appearance all over - even if it's a ghost vision like.

Sofia masturbates for a friend on the phone. Lenny shows up there to.

Voiello meets with Sir John. John is not convinced yet.

Outside, John and his butler talk about Sofia and a box he needs to fall asleep.

John's parents sit in a room and stare at pictures of their dead son, John's twin, Adam.

The cardinals, Sofia, and John are having dinner.

Eshter is talking to someone about her story...a news media outlet.

In a secret room, John's butler, a cardinal, and Tomas Altbruck are talking. Apparently, the pope has a big secret only cvardinal Spalletta knows. That's how they'll force him to become pope.

John is talking with Sofia, Voiella, Guitterez about odd things while John tries to decide what he's going to do. He doesn't know. He'll search in his heart and maybe have an answer in the morning.









The New Pope
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The New Pope Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

We are under siege. Do you understand that?


I want a new pope on the first vote.