Changing Course - The New Pope
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Lenny comes out of the water on a beach if nothing but white undies and the nuns all fawn over him as he walks on the boardwalk.

The guy who got the nun pregnant is arrested. Lenny is awake now and walking around. He's staying at a private residence right now recovering.

Lenny argues with a woman who wants him to perform a miracle for her son. Later, Lenny whispers in the boys ear, but it's not clear if he's healed.

There was an attack against the Vatican - a bomb.

Lenny is praying over Eric to see if the theory holds true while Dia and her husband go out on a date at Lenny's urging.

Lenny is still trying, this time kneeling.

Now, Pope John is praying to God confessing his faults. He comes out as a fraud that he took credit for one of his brother's works.

All his praying didn't help Eric.


The New Pope
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The New Pope Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

In what way does the world love me?


Pius XIII is a living saint.