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A time capsule from 2015 is found near Albany and the contents are brought to The Orville to be transported to a Planetary Union museum.. LaMarr offers to try to access the information stored on a cell phone found in the capsule. When they manage to power it up, LaMarr and Malloy find a video message from the phone's owner, Laura Huggins. Malloy is smitten.

Bortus is fascinated by a pack of cigarettes from the capsule. In his quarters, he replicates one which Klyden immediately eats. Bortus replicates two and he and Klyden light up and find they enjoy the experience of smoking. Bortus replicates 500 more.

Malloy takes Laura's phone to the simulator and uses the data to create a program so he can meet her. he is so amazed by the experience, he tells LaMarr about it. LaMarr warns him about mixing the simulation up with reality.

Keyali calls Grayson to the bridge because Bortus is smoking. 

Malloy returns to the simulator to find Laura in the middle of performing at a pub. They chat after her set. She invites him to a party and suggests that he bring some of his friends. Later, he has the replicator create a cel phone he can text Laura with.

Malloy invites Mercer, Grayson, LaMarr, and Keyali to Laura's party. They agree but after he leaves they wonder if he's okay.

Grayson takes Mercer to Bortus' quarters where he and Klyden are chain-smoking at their dining table. Taking them to sick bay, Dr. Finn checks them out and diagnoses an extreme case of nicotine addiction. She informs them that Topa will have to stay with her sons while she formulates an anti-addiction injection and orders Bortus and Klyden to abstain completely from cigarettes until the cure is ready.

The Orville crew members play Pictionary at Laura's party and then make their excuses to leave. Gordon stays behind and the other agree that they'll need to meet and talk about the situation in the mess hall.

After the party, Laura and Gordon become intimate.

Gordon wakes up in the simulator, late for his shift. 

On the bridge, Bortus is chewing gum loudly to combat his withdrawl. Malloy gets a call from Laura.

Mercer, Grayson, LaMarr, and Keyali try to stage an intervention for Malloy in the mess hall but it doesn't go well. 

Bortus catches Klyden smoking a cigarette in the airlock. Klyden finds a cigarette that Bortus has hidden in the quarters and demands he show him where he has hidden the rest. 

Malloy returns to Laura's apartment and finds her with her ex-boyfriend, Greg. She goes back to Greg, breaking up with Malloy. After talking to LaMarr, Malloy returns to the simulator and has the computer delete the Greg part of the program. He enters the program and finds himself in Macy's. Without Greg, they are officially dating but Laura no longer dreams of being a musician.

Bortus and Klyden are over-eating to avoid smoking. They are in the midst of a physical altercation when Dr. Finn walks in with the injection.

Malloy returns to the simulator to sing a song with Laura and say good-bye. She gets Greg to take a picture of her and Gordon before her phone goes in the time capsule.

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The Orville Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

I feel as if I've been standing my entire life and I just sat down.


Look at this. She's clearly asking her friend where to find the nearest repair service for her device. But instead of writing 'wireless telecommunications facility,' she just wrote 'WTF.' We can decode things like this by applying historical context.

Dr. Sherman