An Unsettling Discovery
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The men are cutting through the ice so they can move forward, but there's no hope. They're stuck in a sea of white and frozen ice. 

The crews set off for land to return in spring. The captains will stay behind on the ships until then.

Sir John sits down with Francis to make amends. He wants them to become friends again. Sir John admits that he made a mistake about not following Francis' plan.

The crew finds land. Then they find a sculpture made of stones. They remove the stones and throw in a capsule with their names on it. Collins is out looking at something. he's spooked. A group is coming towards them.

They go back to their boat and discover it's all broken up. They think it's a bear.

Sir John and James talk about Francis.

One of the men returns to the ship to tell Sir John about their boat being attacked. 

Sir John has a flashback that involves his niece and Francis.

Francis is talking to one of his lieutenants.

Ice balls begin galling on the crew's camp. They go running into their tents. It's like a hail storm. Then they hear a monster's growl. The men go out and explore. The ice storm has stopped bu the monster is still around. They all grab their guns and go on the attack.

They shoot something and then Dr. Goodsir is called to the scene. They shot an old Inuit man accidentally. She's upset. All around them, the monster is growling and it attacks one of the men. It sort of looks like a polar bear, but is it?

Francis has a drink with Hickey.  Johnston comes in to tell Francis that the last lead party has returned.

They have the Inuit man but the old doctor doesn't want to administer to him. Goodsir wants to work on him but the daughter wants them to leave her alone. Francis is the only one who understands the Inuit language and he talks with her and comforts her.

Dr. Goodsir works on the man. There's nothing he can do for him. The bullet is too deep. Francis tells the daughter. The man is the same man that David saw in his vision. He wants her to take over. He's calling for Tuunbaq but she wants him to die on the ice so the monster doesn't come to the ship.

Sir John doesn't want the girl on the ship anymore. Francis wants him on Terror, but Sir John says no. Sir John summons Dr. Goodsir to tell him what happened out on the ice. They didn't find the body of the person killed. He relays the story. Francis wants to know if they found any leads.

Dr. Goodsir says that the Intuit had his tongue removed. Sir John doesn't care.

Francis is walking on the ice by himself to his ship. The girl is there and he tries to get information from her. She tells them to leave. They can't be here. He explains the boats need to wait until the ice melts. She warns them again that if they don't leave now, they will disappear. Then she does something odd with her mouth. Francis is spooked.



The Terror
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The Terror Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Don't fear it, David, I have been there when souls have passed. A great peace descends.

Dr. Goodsir

There is nothing worse than a man who's lost his joy.

James Fitzjames