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Stephen is struggling to balance the challenges of working for Ultra after school, keeping up with his regular home life, his life at school and his friends at The Tomorrow People. When a new paranormal is discovered to be using his powers to rob banks, both Ultra and The Tomorrow People want to find the kid. But while John, Cara and the rest want to take Kurt in and teach him how to understand and control his powers, Ultra just wants to kill him. Once Stephen realizes what his uncle is up to, he helps The Tomorrow People take Kurt away. Upon returning to Ultra, he is subjected to a debrief with a very talented empathy and only escapes her powers by following Cara's advice and filling his head with a strong memory of this father. In the end, John reluctantly agrees that they need someone on the inside and convinces Stephen to stay, but Jedikiah isn't fooled and plans to use his nephew to kill every last member of The Tomorrow People. 

The Tomorrow People
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The Tomorrow People Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

I'm gonna have to mark you down on the dismount.


Great, I see we've moved to the comedy portion of your psychotic break.