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Charmaine gave birth to a girl named Cassandra this week, but she didn't want Tara near her daughter. She was afraid for her well-being, given how Tara can't control her alters.

But she tried later in the episode - following a pretty big fight with Max in which Tara asked why he didn't just leave like his own father did - during a test in Dr. Hatteras' class. Viewers saw inside Tara's head, as she apparently wrote up some kind of contract with her alters. In real life, though, as the professor witnessed, she was flipping out, writing all over papers, the desk and her body. Looking like a mess.

The episode ended with Tara saying to the doctor: I'm crazy.


- Lionel and Marshall had a threesome with one of their friends.

- Kate realized she wanted to be a flight attendant.

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