Watch The Whispers Season 1 Episode 6 Online to see what happens when Claire gathers most of Drill's friends into a room and has a chat with them.

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When you watch The Whispers Season 1 Episode 6 Online, you'll see Wes make a stupid decision and touch the rock he dug up from the desert. Surprisingly, all he does is get shocked and nothing horribly bad happens. Wes decides to keep the rock and it's location a secret from Claire, which she does not take well. This leads her to keep Wes out of the loop on her plan to gather all of Drill's friends in a room and have a nice little talk. Well, all of Drill's friends but one - Lena won't let Minx join in. Wes finds out about the play date anyway, and he crashes it along with security and cameras. Turns out, Wes made a good call bringing in those cameras. While Claire is learning that Drill has a family (hopefully they don't all have kids as friends), Wes spies Drill on the camera. Drill looks a lot like liquid just floating around the kids. After a dazzling light show, Drill gets one of his friends to tell Claire a message - you won't win. Back in a top secret location, Dr. Tuley is making progress on the rock. It's alien. It's a vessel, and it's calling someone. Guess who that someone is? That's right! It's Sean. He manages to get Wes to agree to take him and Claire to the rock. Sean sticks his hand inside of it, and then all of a sudden, his memories have returned. Yeah, he remembers Wes and Claire's little tryst, and he isn't happen about it. Meanwhile, Lena has convinced Drill that she is a pretty cool adult. She has earned the right to play with him and Minx.

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On The Whispers Season 1 Episode 6, Wes makes a shocking breakthrough while watching Claire talk to the children who have had contact with Drill.

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The Whispers
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This is like something is grabbing me in the pit of my stomach and pulling.


I know these kids. They're Drill's friends.