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Merwyn gives her troops marching orders and warns Eredin to keep an eye on Balor. Eredin promises to use Fenrik as a hostage to ensure Balor’s compliance.

Balor opens the gateway and Eredin leads his scouting party through. The gateway closes. While the scouting party starts looking around, Balor tells Fenrik how much she means to him. He realizes he must sacrifice the person who means the most to him in order to pay the cost of Chaos magic.

He cuts her throat. Eredin turns to see the chaos magic energy swirl around and enter Balor. He opens a gateway that sucks the scouting party and Eredin through to parts unknown.

Balor closes his eyes and finds himself in a snowy landscape. Footprints approach him and the being’s voice asks him what he plans to do next. He vows to take everything.

Scían leads the false troops into Xin’trea. Fjall points out the imperial grain store to Éile. Scían gains entry, leading Fjall in chains.

In the throne room, Avallac’h informs Merwyn that the Book of Monoliths could hold the key to time travel, but Merwyn is distracted by Fjall’s arrival. Scían points out she’s delivered everything she promised and will now take Soulreaver and leave.

Outside, Éile takes out the guards at the grain store and Uthrok’s sellswords secure the square. Meldof prevents the guards from sounding the alarm.

Merwyn presents Soulreaver but informs Scían she won’t be getting it back because she’s forsworn the honor Ghost Tribe was known for.

Merwyn orders the guards execute Scían with Soulreaver in the square. Scían curses Merwyn as she’s led away. A monster prowls the palace.

Outside, Éile addresses the lowborn people and offers them the grain in the stores. Syndril and Zacaré open the doors but the store is empty. Éile tries to inspire the people to rise up, but their fear is palpable. One lowborn begins singing The Black Rose and others join in. Building on that, Éile sends them out to spread the word that they are taking over Xin’trea.

In the throne room, Merwyn addresses Fjall. She admits she had her brother and all of Dog Clan killed so that she could lead elfkind into a new golden age. She tells Fjall should be at her side.

He laughs at her delusion. He lets the transformation take over as he accuses her of being a monster.

The guards rush her away as Fjall breaks free of his chains. Balor’s beast enters the hall and they face off.

Scían kills her escort. Outside, Syndril and Zacaré can’t open the palace doors with their magic. Scían lets them in. She sends the mages with Éile to the monolith while the rest of them take on the palace guards.

In the city, the lowborns are taking on the soldiers.

In the throne room, Balor’s beast and Fjall fight.

Syndril, Zacaré, and Éile see the guards with Merwyn and she tells them she wants to go to her chambers. Syndril sends Éile after her.

Éile kills the guards and confronts Merwyn. She uses Merwyn’s own blade to impale her, leaving her the choice of taking out the dagger and bleeding out or leaving it in and facing the end of her world.

Balor returns to the palace, playing with the chaos magic in his hand. He incinerates the first guard who tries to warn him of the uprising. Syndril and Zacaré arrive. Syndril confronts him and demands he stop. Balor attacks them with fire.

Fjall attacks Balor’s beast and they fall out of the throne room window. Merwyn drags herself in and mounts the throne, the dagger still in her torso, even stopping to collect her crown. Uthrok finds her there, arriving just before the lowborns storm the palace. With the lowborns as witness, Merwyn removes the blade and dies on her throne.

On a balcony below the throne room, Balor’s beast corners Fjall. Éile distracts it momentarily by throwing a spear into its eye. It swipes her with its tail, flinging her against a wall and knocking her out. This enrages Fjall and his transformation becomes more pronounced.

He grabs the sword from a statue and flings it at the oncoming beast, striking it through the skull and killing it.

Balor continues to throw flames at Syndril and Zacaré. Syndril decides to merge his power with the Chaos energy to shatter the monolith. He runs out to confront Balor and Zacaré binds them together with her power. The vines trap them and connect them to the monolith.

Meldof checks to see if the beast is truly dead. Uthrok arrives, laughing at the dead beast. An out-of-control Fjall grabs him from behind and tears him apart with his bare hands.

Callan runs to fight Fjall and is knocked unconscious, missing an eye when he hits the ground.

Fjall approaches Meldof and Scían but Éile begins singing and he calms. She reaches out and touches him and he tries to control his beast so he can touch her gently. He begs her to end him. She can’t do it. He promises to wait for her on the other side and commands her to live. He tightens his grip on her throat and she whispers, “I love you,” before stabbing him.

He falls into her arms and she holds him. The transformation fades just before he dies.

At the monolith, Syndril reaches out and touches the monolith, shattering it. The energy released shattered space and time, ripping apart the veil between worlds. The skies revealed other worlds and planets and they merged as a Conjunction of the Spheres.

On the Yaruga Delta, in the kingdom of Xin’trea, humans arrive on the Continent, shipwrecked, encountering elves.

Éile burns Fjall in a funeral pyre. Scían returns her sacred blade to the Black Sands with a ritual. Zacaré builds a stone cairn to Syndril. Brother Death, Callan, joins her, now with only one eye.

Brían mourns Eredin with an empty casket by the sea. Eredin is seen in a world with a red sky. He digs in the dirt and finds a skull mask. He dons it, now the King of the Wild Hunt.

Scían buries Soulreaver at the center of a circle of cairns, presumably the grave markers of her Ghost Tribe family.

Éile cries as Fjall burns. Six moons later, she’s back at Inis Dubh. A local is hammering notices of monsters up and a help wanted ad for brave elves willing to slay vodniks (male water spirits in Slavic mythology).

Éile is pregnant with Fjall’s child. She finishes a song and joins Meldof and Ithlinne for a meal.

Éile asks Ithlinne to prophesy for her unborn child. As she speaks her prophecy, the scene returns to Jaskier and Seanchai.

Jaskier looks up with questions and finds himself alone. Seanchai’s voice directs him to sing the Song of the Seven.

Suddenly he’s back on the battlefield. He tucks the story Seanchai’s given him into his clothes and leaves with the victorious elves.

After credits, Ciri is playing with the lowborn on the streets of Xin’trea. Avallac’h watches her from the shadows, holding The Book of Monoliths. Ciri senses something odd and looks over at him.

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The Witcher: Blood Origin Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Fenrik, you’re not my blood. But you’re my blood in heart. You are the part of me that I value the most.


Watch Balor as you would a viper at your feet.