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PART ONE: Jack and Sharon explain to Noah that they will have to put their trip to France on hold for awhile. Noah is disappointed. Later, Sharon (Sharon Case) confesses to Jack that she can’t trust him anymore. Later, Brad finds Sharon in the Newman break room and wonders if she knows what she is going to do in regards to her marriage, and Jack.

PART TWO: Brad (Don Diamont) informs Sharon that when the test results are back and the baby is his, he won’t let Victor (Eric Braeden) anywhere near him. Jack walks in as Brad and Sharon are in the middle of a friendly embrace and gets the wrong idea. Jack lashes out at Brad and Sharon steps in to defend him before storming off. Jack runs into Phyllis at the coffeehouse and they discuss his martial woes.

PART THREE: Jack (Peter Bergman) tries to apologize to Sharon again, but she won’t hear it. She finally tells him she is fed up and that after Christmas she and Noah are moving out. Michael gloats over Jack’s imminent downfall from the Senate. Phyllis tries to defend Jack. When Michael questions whether Jack ever denied writing the will, she doesn’t answer. Kevin and Jana meet Jana’s public defender and are worried.

PART FOUR: Kevin pleads with Michael (Christian LeBlanc) to defend Jana. Later, Michael asks Phyllis’ advice on Jana. While Phyllis is visiting Jana to make sure she continues to be genuine, Michael informs Kevin that he will represent Jana. Kevin is elated. At the hospital, Victor tells J.T. (Thad Luckinbill) that he is hoping J.T. is the father of Victoria’s child. If Brad is the father, Victor fears for the child’s well being.

The D.N.A. results are back, and ... J.T. is the father.

The Young and the Restless
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