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  • Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) comes home from Madison and tells Nick (Joshua Morrow), who is feeding Summer, about what happened at the hearing.
  • Back in Madison, Gloria (Judith Chapman) is finishing up her accusation that Jack (Peter Bergman) rewrote John Abbott's will. The committee takes a 10 minute recess to discuss the new evidence.
  • Nick tells Phyllis that he stopped by the hospital to check on the baby. At the ranch, Victor (Eric Braeden) gives Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) with the letter that David (Vincent Irizarry).
  • In Madison, Kevin (Greg Rikaart) decides to buy 12 copies of the hearing for Gloria for Christmas. Jack comes out of the room, and then Jack and Gloria get into a big argument.
  • Ben Hollander (Billy Warlock) advises Jack to think about what he's going to do next, and asks if it's true that he rewrote his father's will. At the same time Sharon (Sharon Case) overhears some reporters speculating that Jack's going to sink like the Titanic.
  • Nikki explains to Phyllis that she had no idea that David's card was in her box of work things. Nikki doesn't want to argue with Victor and just focus on Victoria (Amelia Heinle) and the grandchild.
  • Michael finds out about the videotape of Victor and Ji Min's conversation.
  • Gloria and Kevin gloat and plan what they're going to do with all Gloria's new money. Sharon asks Michael and Lauren if they think the letter is real.
  • Jack begins his statement.
  • Nick tells Victor how great things are now that Phyllis is home, and tells Victor that it's clear he still loves Nikki.
  • Jack and Ben discuss how to counter Gloria's attack.
  • Nikki calls David while Phyllis goes to check on Summer. She tells him that Victor found the note he wrote. David offers to come and get her.
  • Victor agrees that Nikki should spend as much time with Victoria as possible.
  • Lauren brings Michael home to celebrate their anniversary.
  • Jack finally comes home to find Sharon pissed off at him. She wants him to look her in the eyes and tell her whether he rewrote his father's will.
  • Kevin asks Gloria to use her newfound wealth to help Jana (Emily O'Brien) get out of prison. Jeffrey (Ted Shackelford) comes by to congratulate her.
  • At home, Michael and Lauren are playing a craps game involving stripping.
  • Sharon tells Jack she used to think he was a hero. But she doesn't know if that man exists now...
The Young and the Restless
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