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Y&R Recap, November 2 (Part One)

Paul advises Maggie that April again asked him not to tell Heather that he's her father
. He also asks her to help him find out who was Joe Boddington's associate. Paul finds Victor in Victoria's hospital room and pulls him aside to report that he has discovered Joe Boddington was a criminal in the construction industry who was very good at covering his tracks. Jack confronts Victor and boasts that Victor will soon be called a suspect in Ji Min's death because of his dog and because he was the last person to see Ji Min (Eric Steinberg) alive.

Y&R Recap, November 2 (Part Two)

Victor (Eric Braeden) denies it and insists the guy wasn't at his hotel room when he stopped by for a visit. Victor counters that Ji Min wasn't there when he stopped by. Kevin tells his mother that he went to dinner with her and Jeffrey because he wanted to get to know his new father. Amused, Gloria asks if she can tag along on his visit with Jana because she's decided to be accepting of his relationship with her. Cane (Daniel Goddard) admits to Kay that he thought something was wrong at Clear Springs.

Y&R Recap, November 2 (Part Three)

During a meeting with Cane and Kay, Neil (Kristoff St. John) asked why J.T. was working there. Cane says they hired J.T. to investigate the place. Jana says to Kevin and Gloria that Phyllis has been chatting with the chaplain who talked with John before his death. Kevin claims the new will he wrote at that time was forged. Phyllis finds the name John Sheller and learns he was John's cellmate in prison. She learns he's out of town but will call back. After Cane's realization of substandard concrete at Clear Springs, Nick warns Nikki that Kay will sue her.

The Young and the Restless
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