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PART I: After dealing with a reporter about charging Jack, Heather mentions this to Cane (Daniel Goddard) regarding another benefit tonight. He admits he'll be there. As Gloria continues with her angry letter writing campaign against Jack, Jill asks her to start concentrating on sales for Jabot. Gloria instructs Kevin to help her find Todd Scheller, John's friend from prison.

PART II: Jana calls Kevin to let him know she's at the hospital for tests. Gloria reminds him that Jana's a killer but Kevin notes that Gloria also took someone's life. Daniel wonders aloud to his mother if Jack might have killed Ji Min (Eric Steinberg). Lily's pleased when Jill talks to her and then Cane butts in.

PART III: Gloria suggests to Jill that Jabot needs a campaign to remove any thought of Jack (Peter Bergman) from the company image. Jack holds a press conference to announce funding for the hospital. While Sharon (Sharon Case) urged him not to tell reporters he thinks Victor could have killed Ji Min, a reporter asks him if Victor (Eric Braeden) might be a suspect.

PART IV: Phyllis is surprised to find Jana at the hospital and asks her to be her maid of honor if she agrees to marry Kevin. After her test, Kevin asks Jana to get a blood test for their wedding should she accept. Finding her with Summer, Heather advises Phyllis that if she agrees to plead guilty to a lesser charge, she'll be credited with time served and will not have to go back to prison.

PART V: Back at the Crimson Lights, Kevin introduces his mother to Todd who explains that they're looking for his father ... who started drinking again after he was released from prison. Learning who she is, Todd admits he has a letter addressed to her that he got from his father, although curiously said letter is apparently not in his father's handwriting.

The Young and the Restless
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