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Y&R Episode Recap, 10/27 (Part One)

With everyone rescued, Karen stands by Neil (Kristoff St. John) as he gives yet another press conference about the Crystal Springs destruction. Afterwards, Karen orders Neil to go rest while she handles the press from now on. Thanking her, Neil mentions how lucky he is that Devon (Bryton) and Lily couldn't come out. Lauren waits with Sharon in Noah's hospital room while Nikki, Victor (Eric Braeden) and J.T. wait for word from Dr. Ryan about Victoria's condition. Dr. Ryan reports that Victoria's baby is fine but has an irregular heartbeat they are monitoring and Victoria has high blood pressure.

Y&R Episode Recap, 10/27 (Part Two)

His eyes bandaged, Brad also calls to check on the baby. Jack calls Sharon to report that he's downstairs after being flown from Crystal Springs with Victoria and Adrian. He makes his way to Noah's room where he calls Noah a hero for his efforts at the site. Sharon (Sharon Case) points out that Jack is one too since he saved her and Nick. His injured leg needing surgery, Adrian describes for Colleen (Tammin Sursok) all he felt while he was trapped alone in the rubble. Paul takes Maggie back to his place to "practice" making a baby.

Y&R Episode Recap, 10/27 (Part Three)

Afterwards, Paul (Doug Davidson) confides to her that his dad used to hold drills when he was growing up in order to be prepared for anything that may happen. Home with Michael, Lauren mentions how Paul kept her from falling apart. Victor admits to an emotionally drained Nikki that when he found Jack, he couldn't leave him. Later, the doctor says Victoria has no signs of brain damage and Jack and Victor meet and shake hands. Jack and thanks him for saving his life. Victor suggests they're even now.

The Young and the Restless
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