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Gloria insists on going to the courthouse to help her son. Jeffrey promises that she'll end up in jail.

As Michael begins his speech, Gloria enters the courtroom.

She takes the stand and, as Jeffrey watches, testifies that River was and is the finest man she's ever met. Gloria insists that River tried to stop his friends who were responsible for the bombing.

The prosecution questions her about her change in statements after all these years and calls her a liar. River defends her as Gloria claims she was threatened and her son's life was in jeopardy.

A disgusted Jeffrey then walks out. The judge releases River in Michael's custody while he studies the case further. At the pool house, Jeffrey rubs the tainted cream all over his face.

Murphy chats with Marge about his ex-wife who died and then tells her that she and Pearl have changed his life.

When Nick calls to ask Sharon to go on a business trip for the magazine, she agrees and tells him she would do anything for him.

Jack arrives so Sharon brings Noah down so they can tell him about their separation. Eyeing the photos from the session in Paris, Nick gets Phyllis to admit that she was there and apologizes for not having time to "hook up" with him.

He privately presses the issue until she confesses she saw him kissing Sharon. He insists he loves her.

Daniel and Amber pick out a space for their new venture and take the time to admit they owe this opportunity to Kay.

They interrupt Nick and Phyllis to announce they're quitting.

Phyllis warns her son privately that he's depending on Amber's finances and worries that she'll cheat on him again.

After they leave, Phyllis figures out that it was Sharon who pulled back from the kiss, not Nick. Insisting he was going to stop it, Nick promises her he will never keep a secret or lie to her again.

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