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Frank orders Adam to the jail for a visit. Adam warns Jack who tells him to ignore the three-time loser and to avoid him too.

Having seen the argument, Phyllis confronts Jack about Adam and then stuns him by revealing she saw Nick and Sharon kissing in Paris.

Jack has a vision of John urging him to come clean about everything to Sharon if he wants to save his marriage.

In the visiting room, Adam is surprised to find Victor is there to talk, not Frank. Claiming Frank told him everything, Victor offers to have the DA go easy on Adam if he'll help him bring down Jack.

When Adam refuses and starts to leave, Victor warns it's a one-time offer.

Bringing a huge suitcase, Esther announces to Cane and Chloe that she's moving in to help Chloe during the rest of her pregnancy.

Chloe doesn't like the idea and Cane finally decides that it's his responsibility. Billy leaks to Jack that Chloe is pregnant with his baby.

When he starts badmouthing Cane, Jack advises him not to make any rash decisions. After a long talk with Lily about her feelings for Cane and the baby, Billy decides not to tell anyone about the paternity.

While Lauren congratulates Michael on helping River, Eden opens some mail and discovers that her father owes thousands in back taxes on the place in California.

Hearing Kevin complain about Amber giving him a hard time again, Jana guesses it's from his guilty conscience.

He denies it but she secretly takes Kay's money from the safe. Kevin and Jana join Michael, Lauren, Eden and River for a celebration.

Michael offers a toast on his and Lauren's wedding anniversary.

Jana secretly offers River the bag of money for the Ashram but asks him not to tell Kevin. Telling his doctor he used his wife's face cream, Jeffrey's in the hospital with burns on his face.

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