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Victor hires Paul to help him prove the diary was faked. Paul advises Heather about his new client and warns that Jack and Adam are dirty.

Thrilled to learn the judge has thrown out all charges against his father, Michael's curious when he finds out River signed the ashram over to Eden.

Boasting that they have dropped all the charges against him, River warns Eden that they must leave for the ashram tonight.

When Michael calls and asks Eden about the meditation place and its finances, River orders her to hang up.

Michael worries to Lauren that his father stole money from the bank that was bombed years ago. River tells his daughter they are leaving for California tonight.

Stunned to realize Jack was meeting Adam at the motel, not an escort, Ashley asks Adam about Jack's involvement with the diary but he suggests she ask her brother.

Ashley confronts Jack at the Athletic Club and blasts him for lying.

He continues to play dumb so she announces that he will have nothing to do with Jabot. Adam pleads with Heather to marry him today so they can be together but she wants to put Victor away first.

Victor hands Heather Frank's confession and warns her about trusting Adam.

Paul confronts Adam and announces that he's going to Mexico to find out the truth about the diary. He urges him to come clean to his daughter now before the truth comes out and harms her.

Adam insists he has nothing to hide.

Victor points out to Heather that while he has never lied to her, Adam continues to avoid telling her everything he knows.

Hearing Jeffrey's at the hospital, Gloria is worried to learn that he received burns all over his face from the face cream he used.

When the doctor asks for the cream to be tested, Jeffrey claims it's in his coat pocket. Gloria starts apologizing and then threatens her husband. After she unknowingly makes a confession, the police barge in and arrest her.

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