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Kevin is outraged that Jana gave River the money from the safe. Jill and Esther are taken aback when they receive a delivery that contains the Christmas presents Kay arranged.

The two start reminiscing as Jill wonders why she can't feel her mother's spirit. Meanwhile, Murphy and "Marge" are surprised when she calls him "Phillip."

She then remembers that she owned a home and that someone was fighting her about it. "Marge" admits she was a terrible drunk and then figures out that she had a daughter.

When Eden comes home and rushes to her room, Michael guesses to Lauren that River was nearby when Eden took his phone call earlier.

When she returns and announces she's going out, both assure her that they love having her living with them.

Frustrated, Eden hints that she doesn't want "him" mad at her.

While waiting for his daughter at the warehouse, River remembers hiding the money from Jana inside Eden's bear.

Michael suddenly appears and explains that Eden is back with Lauren and that he has discovered the truth.

He accuses him of taking money from the bank years ago and regrets ever helping him. When River refuses to confirm it and urges him to let him and Eden leave, Michael considers taking Eden away from him.

Neil, Tyra, Karen and the others spend time with Ana.

After Karen hints to the girl that one day soon, she'll be back with them, Tyra lashes out at her for giving Ana false hope.

Neil explains that he's reapplied to be her foster parent so Karen was accurate. Tyra apologizes and embraces Neil.

When Rafe explains that the foster application is in jeopardy because Neil and Karen aren't married, Tyra suggests that she move out.

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