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Michael's overwhelmed when Victor calls for his help. After Eden runs to her bedroom, upset, Michael tells Lauren that River confessed to taking the bank money.

At the station house Michael warns Gloria she'll have to stay in jail overnight.

Asking for her cellphone so she can't talk with River, Lauren asks Eden to stay with her and Michael for the next few days to see what happens.

Michael warns Heather that she has a conflict of interest where Victor's case is concerned and urges her to recuse herself.

Jack advises Billy that he has some changes he'd like implemented with the Ashley line at Jabot and reacts when Billy offers only to listen to his ideas.

Jack confesses that Sharon kicked him out because he's been with prostitutes.

Billy's amused and again warns Jack that he can only listen to his ideas. After he leaves, Jack sees a vision of John who points out his diary scheme failed miserably.

He follows Jack to the Abbott mansion where he accuses Jack of being "addicted to lying."

Jeffrey interrupts and when Jack asks about the burns on his face, Jeffrey tells him that Gloria seems to have been responsible for the tainted cream at Jabot.

Pointing out Kay's not around to decorate the house, Jill asks Billy to come work with her and Cane at Chancellor Industries.

Not interested, he complains that Cane's her favorite and points out how often she has sent him away. At the diner River stops by for some tea but fails to see Kay.

Later, "Marge" worries to hear Pearl talk about Murphy giving out money he doesn't really have to strangers. She asks him if he needs some money.

His flight delayed, Adam is thrilled when Heather arrives at the airport until she puts handcuffs on him and announces that he is under arrest.

Eden is outraged when Michael admits that he told the police their father stole millions from the bank years ago.

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