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Jeffrey promises Jack that he has Gloria under control where the upcoming Jabot board meeting is concerned. As the shareholders begin to arrive, Jill's upset when Cane is nowhere to be found.

She's angry to see Jack arrive for the meeting and reminds him he has no say in Jabot matters. Jack insists he's there to observe but secretly worries when Billy fails to show.

Attorney Rafe tries to convince the worried Winters family that Ana will eventually come home. Nikki and Esther guess that Jill took the missing ring that Kay promised Nikki.

Meanwhile, at the diner, Marge is asked about the ring she's wearing and it's worth. She guesses it's a fake and not worth anything.

Later, Pearl takes the ring and Marge panics when she can't find it.

Kevin, Colleen and then Nikki arrive for the board meeting with Nikki asking Jill where Kay's ring is. Surprising Lily, Cane offers to be a witness to help Ana.

After he leaves to hurry to the meeting, Olivia chats with Lily about Cane and calls his brother Billy a "problem." Lily decides that she wants to be with Billy and Neil assures her he doesn't have a problem with that.

Rafe arranges for them to meet with Ana at the coffeehouse.

There, she's upset to learn she won't be going home with Devon but Karen helps calm her. Jack's relieved to see Billy arrive and both agree they're acting today on John's behalf.

Jill calls the meeting to order as Jack urges Nikki to stay.

Jill starts to talk about change but Gloria interrupts and announces that the Abbott children are taking over the company.

Told she and Cane will be out of the building by the end of the week, an outraged Jill argues against the idea but Billy pipes up that he'll be running Jabot. Nikki decides to call the police about the missing ring.

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The Young and the Restless
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