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Jill can't believe Kay is alive and decides she must be Marge pretending to be Kay. She's unable to answer questions about Kay's past, thanks to amnesia, so Jill blasts "Marge" for doing this.

Jill summons the police and wants her arrested but Kay claims that it was Marge who died in the crash.

But when Kay again is unable to answer her questions, the police take Kay away while Jill calls Cane to let him know what has happened.

Cane invites her to come stay with him and Chloe but Jill insists she'll be fine. Esther is curious because Marge has helped them in the past.

In jail, Kay decides to call Murphy for help. Jana doesn't answer when Kevin asks if she still trusts him.

He admits that he doesn't want to go to Amber and Daniel's place since Amber thinks that he's responsible for Kay's death. When Jana calls to see what they can bring, Daniel tells Amber about the invitation.

She quickly starts complaining about Kevin. When they arrive, Amber holds her tongue but when he's alone with her, Kevin tells Amber that he's putting an end to what she's doing and walks out.

Amber claims Kevin threatened to kill her so Jana tells her the truth about the money. Unimpressed, Amber insists Kevin is responsible for Kay's death so Jana ends their friendship and leaves.

Kevin asks his jailed mother to tell all to Amber to show he's innocent.

She refuses and, as he leaves, he spots Kay. Tyra decides to leave when Karen starts chatting with Neil about their wedding plans.

Karen then asks Victoria to be her matron of honor. She also wants Devon and Lily to walk her down the aisle. Neil leaks that he's going to ask Victor to stand up for him.

Later, worried Neil's marrying her only for Ana's sake, Karen offers to let Neil put off their wedding but he insists this is what he wants.

When Olivia finds Tyra crying, she guesses she's upset Karen is marrying Neil. Tyra denies it but Olivia won't let up and urges her to confess her feelings to Neil because she thinks Karen's wrong for him.

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