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In jail, Gloria stares in disbelief as she sees Kay. When she approaches her, Kay admits her memory is gone.

Murphy interrupts to talk with Kay about how to raise her bail money.

Gloria is more suspicious and points out to Kay that her friend never knew anyone who owned a bait and tackle store.

But when Kay suddenly calls her by her name, Gloria realizes it is Kay and offers to help her with her memory. Jack invites Billy to move into the Abbott house but he turns down the offer.

Admitting he's lonely, Jack invites him to spend New Year's Eve with him but Billy reveals he's escorting Lily to Neil and Karen's wedding.

Jack warns him he's playing with fire because she's so close to Cane. When Sharon confirms she's living at the Athletic Club, Nick offers to take care of Noah until she finds a house but she turns him down.

Later, Phyllis calls Brad about Sharon being alone.

Nick gets Phyllis laughing when the accordionist he hired arrives so they can have a quick dance. At Indigo for his wedding, Neil asks Tyra for help with his tie and thanks her with a peck on the cheek.

J.T. arrives and offers to act as Neil's best man only to be replaced by Victor when he arrives at the last minute.

Olivia urges Tyra to talk with Neil about her feelings for him.

Kevin overhears Noah and Eden talking about the $60,000 they found in her teddy bear. He tells Jana who offers to help him break in and steal the cash back.

At midnight, while Kevin and Jana kiss, Noah and Eden also lock lips. Neil and Karen kiss after they're pronounced husband and wife.

Fed up with being alone, Jack approaches Sharon's room but stops when he sees Brad enter. Brad kisses Sharon but she pulls back and admits that "she can't." He respond with best wishes for the new year.

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The Young and the Restless
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