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Out on the patio, Billy tries to explain to Lily about his involvement in the Jabot takeover but after Cane compares him to Jack, Lily says he can't give her any excuse. He storms out and runs into Chloe.

He warns her that Cane is with Lily which upsets her again. Lily updates Cane on Ana's troubles. As Chloe listens, Lily admits she misses him and kisses him on the cheek.

After Cane leaves, Chloe chastises Lily for kissing her husband but Lily points out he doesn't love her. After sex, Phyllis grabs Nick's phone and erases any calls from Sharon.

Downstairs later, Nick spots Jack and accuses him of being involved with the diary scheme. Once Nick leaves to see his father, Jack accuses Phyllis of sending Sharon the credit card invoice.

Phyllis denies it and points out Sharon's now going to interfere in her marriage but Jack calls her a liar. Ashley enters the Abbott home looking for Jack and finds a fuming Sharon there.

She stuns her with the news that she kicked her brother out after he confessed that he's been hiring hookers to appease his sex addiction.

Brad returns to the Abbott house where Sharon admits it's very lonely. As he comforts her, Phyllis calls and, figuring out who he's with, decides to send him to New York with Sharon.

Ashley confronts her brother and doesn't believe Jack's lies about the diary and his sex addiction.

She warns him that Victor's going to come after him. After telling his son about Jack and Frank, Victor asks Nick to run Newman Industries and "Restless Style" after he's released.

Sharon tells Nick about her failed marriage.

Phyllis hears this and suggests sending Sharon to New York to help her. Finding her standing on a ladder, painting the nursery, Lily argues with Chloe.

Cane hears their voices and rushes in to see Chloe fall to the floor.

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