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PART 1: Jill confronts Heather in her office about Ji Min's murder case and hopes that she's not given up on finding the person responsible for his death. Heather admits she still thinks Victor could be that person. Victor blasts the D.A. for all the bad publicity. He demands Dennis fire Heather (Vail Bloom).

PART 2: Dennis returns to Heather's office and announces that she's off the Ji Min case. Maggie offers to keep advising her on what they learn. Upset, Heather starts drinking at the Athletic Club where Victor invites her to throw the book at Jack. Adrian joins Heather at the bar which bothers Colleen as she waits on tables.

PART 3: Sensing Colleen (Tammin Sursok) has had too much to drink, Paul offers her a ride. Hearing Gloria and Jeffrey are moving into the Abbott mansion, Noah admits the woman gives him "the creeps" but that he doesn't know her husband. Remembering Gloria's last husband died, Noah considers going to live with Nick and Sharon likes the idea. Sharon asks Nick if Noah can live with him and Phyllis.

PART 4: Kevin's not happy to hear Gloria talk about her hopes of making life miserable for Noah at the Abbott mansion. He reminds he that she needs witnesses at the mansion to watch Jeffrey. Jill's surprised to hear from Jeffrey that he and Gloria are moving in with Jack and hints that Jack may still end up behind bars. Gloria and Jeffrey move into the mansion and Jack is sickened to see the portrait of Gloria Kevin is hanging.

PART 5: Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) asks David if he wants to be Jabot's Chief Operating Officer. She later offers Nick a job but he reveals he'll be working with Jack on a new project. Reminding his "friend" that he's David Chow, David quickly covers when Walter Palin, a former associate recognizes him in front of Nikki.

The Young and the Restless
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