PART ONE: The Young and the Restless
Jill introduces Lily to Chloe, a fashion coordinator for Jabot. Chloe will be helping with the Jabot contest. Lily and Chloe head to get some lunch at the coffeehouse and run into Cane. Chloe notices there is more than just friendship between the two. Amber stops by to see Kay just as the doctor is finishing his check up of her. Cane wants to know what Amber is up to. Amber, however, stands up for herself stating she merely wants Kay’s friendship. Kay informs Amber that she has begun writing her book.

PART TWO: The Young and the Restless

Later, she begins dictating stories of her life to Amber as part of the book. Gloria heckles Jack about the police as Sharon arrives home concerned with what the police wanted. Jack is positive that Victor was behind sending the police to his home. Later, Gloria runs to Noah and tries to influence him against Jack. Sharon overhears. Sharon threatens to go to the judge if Gloria won’t stay away from Noah. Sharon brings Noah to Nick’s and explains to him how insufferable Gloria is being and about the investigation.

PART THREE: The Young and the Restless
Sharon and Jack wonder if Gloria is behind the police searching the mansion. Maggie confides in Paul that she doesn’t believe Jack killed Ji Min. Gloria blasts horrible music throughout the house. Jack rushes to unplug and becomes fed up. Sharon and Jack pack overnight bags and leave, hoping to lull Gloria into a false sense of security. Neil runs into Chloe and Lily and is about to join them. Neil sees Cane enter and hurries to leave. Later, as Chloe is taking a call, Lily lets it slip that she is falling in love with Cane.

PART FOUR: The Young and the Restless
J.T. brings home a baby tux for Reed and he and Victoria are excited to be married soon. Victoria asks Victor to be on his best behavior. Victoria gets out of bed and tries to walk but stumbles. Victoria begins to worry she may not be able to walk down the aisle. J.T. finds Victoria and she confesses what happened. Victoria becomes upset because she wants things back to the way they were. J.T. passionately kisses her. Victor offers Neil Nick’s job. Neil happily accepts. Victor charters a jet to leave as soon as Victoria’s wedding is over.

The Young and the Restless
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