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The Young and the Restless
Episode Recap
Thurs., June 19

Today on The Young and the Restless, Victor asks Sabrina about inviting her mother to their wedding and learns about their odd relationship.

But as they dance at the ranch, Sabrina is shocked when her mother Zara arrives. After Brad slips him some betting information, David warns Brad that Victoria saw him handing Brad the check.

Colleen refuses to reconsider giving Adrian another chance. Lily is there for Colleen and tries to cheer her. The two head to the Indigo where Lily is thrilled to see her father with Karen.

Neil warns that her arrival doesn't mean anything for now. Hearing that Victoria has told her father she won't be attending the wedding, Nikki urges her daughter to reconsider.

Ashley brings Abby back to the Abbott mansion where she is disgusted to discover that Jack invited Gloria to stay in the pool house. He explains that he thinks Gloria donated millions to the two foundations so he felt obligated but Ashley remains upset.

Both admit they still dream about their father and Jack relates that Gloria does too. Ashley badmouths a change in the decor and is embarrassed when Sharon admits it was her design, not Gloria's.

Ashley's upset that Jack is changing their father's home. After Karen admits that she's not sure what her return means for them both, Neil agrees to get her old job back at Newman and is disappointed when she refuses to be his date for Victor's wedding.

Cane finds Chloe's been drinking too much at the Indigo and offers to call her a cab. Chloe mumbles that she has nowhere to live so Cane makes some calls and gets her a place to stay as long as she stays away from him.

What happens next on The Young and the Restless? Find out tomorrow!

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