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Kevin finds Amber talking about him to Daniel. She presses him for answers but Kevin won't talk, while Nikki calls Amber looking for Kay but Amber hasn't seen her.

Daniel tells Amber to back off and worries about Kevin. He again refuses to tell them anything. Nikki calls Kevin who reveals Kay wasn't at the estate earlier when he stopped by to meet her.

After the car crashes, a bloody hand moves amidst the wreckage.

Victor asks Ashley why she's in Paris.

She claims a saint led her to him. As he walks away, suggesting that he's guilty, she shouts out that she knows he's innocent and, when he turns, she claims that she knows he couldn't kill anyone.

However, she also suggests that if he did, there must have been a good reason. Victor asks her to leave him alone and though she worries to see him stumble, he warns her not to pity him.

Ashley insists on taking him to a cafe where she convinces him to eat. He warns her not to tell anyone where she found him but she won't let him leave.

He cries out that he's all alone now but she pleads with him to be with her, asking him to kiss her which he does.

While Phyllis waits in his hotel suite, Nick strolls around Paris with Sharon.

Phyllis eventually conducts the photo session herself and is perturbed she hasn't heard from Nick. Hearing Sharon's never been here before, Nick offers to show her the sights and suggests they stop for dinner.

The two also discuss Noah and his interest in Eden. As they take in more of the sights, Nick thanks Sharon for letting him see Paris through her eyes.

Eden takes Noah to the famous cemetery where she asks to take a photo to show her father. When he mentions the idea of meeting him, she quickly tells him he can't.

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