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Nikki stuns Victoria with the news that Kay died from a car accident. Cane helps Jill steady herself as she almost collapses.

He offers to find Billy for her and does so with a phone call.

Billy and Lily arrive at the estate and witness Chloe embracing Cane.

Chloe hugs Billy and then gives Lily one too, thanking her for coming. Jill's relieved to see Billy who is astounded to hear that Kay started drinking again.

Chloe embraces her mother as she is overcome with grief. As Sharon and Nick wait for Noah to return to the hotel, Jack calls but she cuts him off after he hears Nick's voice.

Jack throws the phone and is startled by a vision of John who blames this on his son. John urges Jack to call Sharon back and tell her how their marriage means to him.

Sharon asks Nick not to say anything about the kiss yesterday.

The parents are stunned when the tour group leader informs them that Noah left the group yesterday to be with his parents and Eden accompanied him.

As they argue about what's happened, Nick gets a call about Noah being arrested. At the jail an officer confirms Noah's version of being accosted at the cemetery.

When he mentions Eden is still missing, she suddenly arrives and hugs Noah. Nick's not happy to realize she's the girl from the party.

When she reveals who her brother is, Nick calls Michael who starts to chastise his sister.

When she starts crying, Lauren nudges Michael who calms down and reassures her they're glad she is safe. Billy calls Jack and asks him to tell Sharon about Kay. John again urges Jack to call Sharon.

Jack calls Sharon who passes along the shocking news to Nick and Noah. He then calls Phyllis who is already back home.

Victor invites Ashley to stay with him in Paris.

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